Why Ireland


There are a number of factors which recommend Ireland as a seat for your international arbitration.

Ireland’s systemic characteristics are arbitration-friendly.

Ireland is a common law, English speaking and neutral country, thus a particularly attractive choice as a seat for international arbitration. Further, Ireland has an internationally respected judiciary, with a long established record of respecting the integrity of the arbitral process and the autonomy of parties to an arbitration.

Ireland has a modern arbitration law

Ireland has a very modern arbitration law, consistent with current international best practice. The Arbitration Act 2010 applies the UNCITRAL Model Law to both domestic and international arbitrations.

Ireland has a focus on international arbitration

Ireland has a dedicated centre, the DIAC, focused on providing world class arbitral facilities. Further, Ireland has a dedicated body, Arbitration Ireland, focused on promoting Ireland as a seat for international arbitration.

Ireland is a great place to visit

Ireland has much to offer commercial visitors. Dublin, our capital city, has world class hotels and restaurants, and is compact and easy to navigate. It is an attractive and friendly city, steeped in history, but with all the amenities of a modern commercial hub readily to hand. Dublin is easily accessible with daily direct flights from Europe, North America and the Middle East and boasts excellent transport and communication infrastructures. Visitors to Dublin can expect a warm welcome and plenty of Irish hospitality.

We can help you plan your arbitration in Dublin, providing a turnkey service. Contact us to enquire. We look forward to welcoming you.

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ICSID Concludes Cooperation Agreement with DDRC

​On December 21, 2016, ICSID entered into an Agreement on General Arrangements with Dublin Dispute Resolution Centre (DDRC).  The Agreement was signed on behalf of ICSID by Ms. Meg Kinnear, Secretary-General of ICSID, and on behalf of DDRC by Mr. Colm Ó hOisín S.C., Director of DDRC.

The Agreement is based on Article 63 of the ICSID Convention and provides possibilities for holding ICSID hearings at the DDRC. The Agreement also encourages cooperation and knowledge sharing between ICSID and DDRC about arbitration, conciliation, and other alternative methods of dispute resolution.